My First Muscle Car

My First Car

It was 1986 and I was twelve years old.  It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I was riding my bicycle to my friends house across town.  That’s when I saw something that would change the course of my life.  Sitting at our local gas station was the coolest car I  had ever seen, I didn’t know it at the time but what I was staring at, with my mouth wide open, was a 1970 Roadrunner  it was an incredible example painted In Violet purple(plum crazy purple for the Dodge crowd), it was a 440 six pack car with an air grabber hood, and a four speed (why did the shifter have the handle from a pistol I wondered, ha ha ha).  This amazing car literally blew my 12 year old mind.

The car was complete with the roadrunner dust stripe and go wing.  I turned my bike around ditching my friend and went straight home. I ran into the house and yelled for my dad. I told him that we had to go see this car at the gas station because I wanted to know what it was.  Believe it or not, 12 was the time in rural Kansas when boys started to look for cars. The local cop would already let me take my dad's truck out for fun on Sundays without trouble. We jumped in the truck and drove down to the station. The Plymouth was just pulling out, it sounded amazing. My dad instantly said "Oh that’s an old Plymouth Roadrunner, you don’t want one of those, you will be working on it all the time. We need to look for a Chevy." With my dad being a Chevy man, let's just say he was not a Mopar fan.  Sorry pops no kind of Chevy would work, the die was cast I was a Mopar man!

So after a long talk I convinced him to keep a look out for any kind of Mopar. About two months later, after he went for a motorcycle ride with is friends, he came home and said, "I saw a Roadrunner sitting in a field for sale, it's green."  Well by this time, I had bought every car magazine available, especially the ones that had cars for sale. So I had a pretty good grasp of the Mopar lineup (keep in mind I was still 12). I asked him when we could go look at it, the answer was "right now" ( I think he was sick of me bugging him about cars by this time). We drove the 50 or so miles to see this “Roadrunner in a field.” As we pulled up into this guys huge yard (surely a field by most standards),  I instantly recognized what was not a Roadrunner but a 1970 Limelight green GTX!!!!!  Oh my, 440 auto car with white side stripe, white interior, and performance hood paint. Love at first sight!!!   After a furious test drive ( I really think my dad was trying to break it to prove a point) and a short negotiation, it was mine. It flawlessly made the 50 mile trip home. My dad was right about one thing, I did have to work on her quite a bit, but a labor of love for sure.

So that’s the story that began the infatuation that still burns to this day!!  Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me, now excuse me, I need to change the plugs in my GTX...