Restoring and servicing classic muscle cars is the heart and soul of Joyride Colorado Classic Cars!  We provide professional automotive services at every level. Our commitment is to quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

Types of Service 

Engines: We provide the finest engine building service in the country. With each engine, the rotating assembly is balanced, blueprinted, and built to your specific needs… from factory original to pure race.

Brakes and Suspension: Safety is paramount. We offer complete brake and suspension repair and restoration.

Drive Train: We offer full drive train set up and installation. This includes full rear axle service, driveshaft service, full engine swaps, etc.

Electrical: We perform complete diagnostics and repair of electrical systems as well as full electrical installations.

Body and Glass: Our services include complete body panel realignment and installation, rust repair, full paint service (in our professional booth) along with window repair and glass installation.

Tuning: We perform complete engine tuning, carburetor rebuilds, and performance enhancements including fuel injection conversions.

Need Something Else? 

If you do not see the service listed here that your classic car requires, please give us a call at (720) 233-4444 or email us and include a description of what you are looking for.